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Automatic penis pump
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Penis Developers

Automatic penis pump

€42.94 €53.68
Automatic Penis Developer Material: silicone + abs.With 3 ring sizes.Rechargeable Lithium battery.Includes single-dose lubricant. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS.
Penis Developers

Manual penis pump

Manual penis developer. Of very good quality. Measures 31 x 7 cms. Silicone ring. It includes single-dose lubricant.
Extensor de pene. Extensor de pene. 2
Penis Developers

Extensor de pene.

Advantages of Extensor! ✔ Enlarge the penis. ✔ Corrects the curvature (Peyronie's disease). ✔ Cumbersome. ✔ Improves erections and penetration. ✔ Unique Method scientifically proven. ✔ Greater visual excitement, more intense orgasms in your partner. ✔ High quality equipment made of surgical steel and sterile plastic.