Balas Vibradoras

Rechargeable Rocket Vibrator Bullet with USB and 9 speeds A vibrating bullet with a nice design and features that make it a very robust and durable product, made of high quality silicone. Submersible: IPX7 RECHARGEable with USB 9 vibration speeds
Balas Vibradoras

Remote control vibrating bullet

It is a vibrating bullet made of ABS with resistant and silent silicone Specially designed for internal stimulation. You can play with it in a multitude of ways if you want to give it control. For example, being at home and letting him choose when your pleasure begins and ends; If you are more daring you can try it in a public place, for example in a...
Huevos masturbadores

Nacho Vidal Blue unisex masturbator egg.

Unisex Masturbating Egg. For him use it by sliding on the tip of the penis. For her, turn the egg leaving the interior design on the outside. Contains two single doses of lubricant. One inside.