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Penis pump HYDROMAX X40

HYDROMAX X40 is a revolution in hydrotechnology for penile development and maintenance of sexual health. Bathmate Hydromax is a water pump that uses innovative technology to help increase the size of both the girth of the penis and the length of the penis.This product is designed for the use and enjoyment of all types of men who are interested in...
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Manual penis pump

Of very good quality. Measures 31 x 7 cms. Silicone ring. It includes single-dose lubricant. DISCREET and confidential shipping
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Automatic penis pump

Suction pump for erection Erection or suction pumps are the easiest and most comfortable way to instantly enlarge your penis. Its function is to bring blood to the penis and generate an erection. To maintain the erection longer, we recommend placing a choke ring around the base of the penis. Erection pumps or suckers are also a good option in case of...