Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink
Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink
Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink
Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink
Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink

Silicon Ben Wa Balls Pink


Ben Wa balls. Medical silicone.

This product is generally formed of two balls connected by a cord, inside which is a smaller ball hits the walls of the containing when placed to bring the woman performs any movement.< /p>

Vibration caused by the collision of the ball against the walls of the vagina causes involuntary and continuous contraction of the surrounding muscles, increasing blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone.

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Made of high quality medical silicone.

Outside Diameter: 3.3 cms.

Length: 8 cms.


Use pre-wash with mild soap and / or specific product for cleaning.

Lubricate. Always use water-based lubricants. Using another type of lubrication (oils, silicone-based lubricants, vaseline, etc.) can damage the material.

Introduce gently into the vagina.

As Kegel exercises or pelvic floor.

These exercises are recommended for recovering the tone of the pelvic floor muscles also finding that its practice has beneficial effects on sexuality.

They can be made in any posture (sitting, standing, lying), at first lying is more comfortable your practice, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. In this position, it is to imagine that the muscles around the vagina and rectum "pull up". This would muscle contraction. After a few seconds trying to maintain this situation, "down" muscles getting relaxation.

You can start with the following pattern, although this is only an indicative way. It is best to consult with your doctor.

Tighten the muscles, knotting up.

Keep while count to 5 breathing softly.

Then relax them for another 5 seconds.

Make sets of 10 repetitions gradually try to increase the time of contraction and relaxation. Start by 5 seconds to reach 20.


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