Multifruits Condoms 1 Unit
Multifruits Condoms 1 Unit

Multifruits Condoms 1 Unit


Product tested and recommended by Nacho Vidal.

Trust the king of porn and sex lives safely with condoms NV .

The condom is for single use only . The correct use of condoms NV may help reduce the risk of pregnancy , HIV / AIDS and other STDs , but no contraceptive can guarantee 100 % protection .

PRESENTATION: Box of 1 units. Packaged in foil

  • Nominal width: 54 mm +- 2mm.
  • Thickness 0,07

Description and Technical Specifications:

Smooth condoms of natural, transparent latex and teat ended. Lubricated with medical grade silicone .

Product with CE Mark : This product complies with the European Directive 93/42 / EEC on medical devices (clase IIb)

Electronically tested according to ISO 4074/2002 standard

  • MATERIALS:Natural rubber latex
  • LUBE:Silicone oil.
  • COLOR: Transparent
  • MEDIA WIDTH: 54 + 2mm
  • THICKNESS: De 0,07
  • EXPIRY:4 years and 11months
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