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Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...
Clitorial stimulator and vibrator...

Clitorial stimulator and vibrator Nacho Vidal Pro- X5

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Clitorial suction by Nacho Vidal

Suction vibrator: Female masturbation is no longer taboo. The clitoral suction is also known as an orgasm-making machine.

With its elegant design, functional and very very ergonomic, it will provide you with a pleasure as intense as you want.

Caracteristics of clitoral stimulator

Optimized silicone head and handle.

  • 12 suction modes.
  • 12 vibration modes.
  • Optimized silicone head.
  • Rechargeable. Includes USB charger.
  • Does not caoni latex.
  • Does not contain phtalates.
  • Very flexible and soft.
  • Magnetic charger.


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There are different types of suctioners of different brands and styles. At Nacho Vidal shop we try to find the products that satisfy you the most.

The PRO-X5 is a modern and innovative luxury toy. This new sex toy technology uses not only the traditional vibration present in most vibrators. It combines it with intermittent soft suction to stimulate the clitoris.
This pleasure toy will provide intense stimulation with minimal direct contact:Negative pressure exerted on the clitoris will attract additional blood to make it more sensitive and provide an intense orgasm.
Its soft and smooth handle with velvety touch is designed so that it can be used as a traditional vibrator. It is made with water-resistant medical grade silicone (cannot be used underwater) and is fully rechargeable.

This revolutionary number one toy in worldwide sales, with its elegant design and technology has allowed millions of women to enjoy a new way to achieve an orgasm intensely and as many times as you want!
It is made of medical silicone, a soft and safe material for your body. It also has a rechargeable USB battery.

How do you manage to stimulate the suctionor? 
This new technology in sex toys is giving you talk in many parts of the world, the PRO X5 stimulates without contact with exciting pressure waves and tingling pulsation on the clitoris, thus achieving orgasm in a short time. Best of all, you can repeat this indescribable feeling of pleasure.
To start enjoying this wonderful toy you only have to open a few your lips and locate the suctioner's beak at the most comfortable point of your clitoris, then you only have to enjoy with its 12 different suction functions!

What does PRO X5 offer me that other suctioners don't?
As if that weren't enough, this wonderful toy also offers you 12 powerful vibration functions, which makes the PRO X5 a completely versatile toy, you won't need any more toys than this!
The body design of this toy will allow you to use it alone comfortably, as well as you can play as a couple, its easy and intuitive handling will give you much more time to enjoy!!

If you have a clitoral suctionor and don't know what to do with it, it's easier than it looks.
The first thing you need to know is that it creates vibrating waves that stimulate the clitoris virtually without touching it.
The experience is so much better if you're excited. Look for your moment and atmosphere. The trick is to make you feel as much as possible.
The suction machines have a rounded opening that you must place on your clitoris. You just put it on top and you're done. Just press the power button and adjust the power according to your tastes. We recommend that you start with a low power and gradually go up as you feel it better.
If you use it without being excited and with a lot of power it can be annoying.
Remember that the clitoris is a very sensitive organ and you have to treat it with care and affection.



After using your suction device, clean it properly before storing it. You can use specific products or simply use neutral soap and water.


Weight about  182 grs.

Length: 160 mm.

Much width from front: 45 mm.

Much widht from side : 72 mm.

Life watterproof: Water resistant. Non submersible.

Charging time: 2 hours.

How to use:
The optimized shape head adjusts ergonomically around the clitoris with maximum smoothness and precision.
In addition, the head can be removed for cleaning.


with discreet package.


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