4 Crazy Sex Positions You’ll Want to Try Tonight
4 Crazy Sex Positions You’ll Want to Try Tonight

4 Crazy Sex Positions

While some of these positions are stronger than others, we say: Variety is the spice of life! FYI, using the word "crazy" in this context is definitely a good thing!



The Brute sex position gives the one on top more of a dominant role. It’s one that’s similar to the Amazon sex position, but in reverse.

How to do the Brute sex position:

  • One partner will be on their back with their knees to their chest and stomach
  • The other partner will get on their knees, back themselves up towards their partner with their back to their partner’s front
  • Both partners will be straddling one another 
  • To get some thrusting action going, the partner on top will move up and down


Tip: This position may be easier for the partner on top if you place your feet under your partner's armpits. This will help them push themselves up (since the ones on top need quite a bit of movement).

The problem with rough sex positions is that they don't provide deep penetration, which some people may like and some may not.

The disadvantage of this sex position is that it is an exercise for the partner on top. They may be pushing too hard against their lower partner's thighs with each thrust, but it may be more comfortable if the lower partner gently pushes them up with their thighs.


2. X Marks the Spot

The X Marks the Spot is kind of like an upgraded missionary position… and possibly even more rewarding. 

How to do the X Marks the Spot sex position:

  • One partner lays on their back with their head at the top of the bed
  • The other partner will get on top, laying across the bed with their head by one side of the bed and their feet at the other
  • One or both partners will then thrust as normal 
  • In this way, it’ll look like an “X” when viewed from above

This position is a fun one as it provides similar stimulation as missionary, but note that vulva owners may not get to enjoy much clitoral stimulation. Opt for a clitoral sex toy if you fancy, to create double the amount of bliss. 

Additionally, the partner on the bottom could grab their lover’s butt or legs to add deeper penetration, and the partner on top could grab onto their lover’s arm for deeper thrusts.

The drawback of this position is that it doesn’t really aid in much G-spot stimulation, and it doesn’t offer eye contact.

3. The Downward Stroke

 How to do The Downward Stroke sex position:

One partner lies on their back on the edge of the bed or couch with their legs extended in the air, pointing toward the ceiling
The other partner will grab his partner's legs and pull them toward him so he can penetrate you while standing almost upright
The standing partner lifts their loved one up and toward them so that their waist is off the bed and only their upper back, shoulders, and head are resting on the bed

Although this sex position is a bit strenuous, it can be very intimate since it allows for eye contact. By penetration in and out rather than up and down, they stimulate the upper walls of the vagina, which is totally erotic. This sex position is also great for anal sex.


4. The Helicopter

Ready for the ride of your life? The Helicopter sex position can be a whirlwind of an adventure, and offers vulva owners some delicious G-spot stimulation. 

How to do The Helicopter sex position:

Have your partner lie prone on a soft surface with legs straight and spread
The partner on top is also lying on his stomach, facing the opposite direction, with his legs straight and spread wide (so their butts are facing each other).
The top partner then rotates back until their thighs are above the bottom partner's thighs to allow for penetration
For the partner on the bottom, be sure to stay calm while the partner on top gains momentum and finds optimal comfort. Once both partners are comfortable, the partner below can rotate their hips, but don't thrust hard as this will most likely cause them to slip out

The downside to this crazy sex position is that it doesn’t allow for deep penetration. This is also a position that requires a lot of penile strength. Without this, a penis owner may strain the suspensory ligament of the penis.

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